There are few brands as iconic as Gucci within the luxury fashion niche. The fashion house was established in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci and is renowned for its accessories, ready-to-wear and shoes. Gucci became synonymous with the idea of ‘Dolce Vita’, the Italian concept of the sweet life. The brand has experienced a major resurgence in popularity since Alessandro Michele became Creative Director in 2015, presenting a different idea of Gucci. Alessandro has looked back to the 1970s for inspiration and brought back classic Gucci pieces including the double-G logo and the ‘Jackie O’ bag. Best-sellers for the Gucci brand include their ace sneakers, monogram pool slides and marmot handbag.

Gucci GG Rhyton Chunky Sneaker Womens
Gucci GG Rhyton Men’s Sneaker
Gucci Ace Men’s
Gucci Ace Women’s