Dior x Air Jordan

The Dior x Air Jordan collaboration is one of the most successful partnerships in luxury fashion. They are some of the most-wanted fashion pieces in the street-style world. Dior has taken Michael Jordan’s iconic sneakers and given them a high-fashion update. With a custom ‘Air Dior’ logo, the range originally began as sneakers before extending to ready-to-wear and accessories. The logo is inspired by the concept of air, with the ‘Air Dior’ logo emerging from a cloud of smoke. When the original ‘Air Dior’ sneakers were launched in 2019, they instantly became a hit amongst hype beasts and luxury fashion lovers as no information about them was known before they set down the runway during the Pre-Fall 2020 Dior show.

Christian Dior x Jordan Navy Knit
Christian Dior x Jordan Wings Sky Blue Knit